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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 10, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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intelligence committee, senator diane weinstein. and i thank the nation's vets for their service, we honor you, celebrate you, have a wonderful veterans weekend. thank you for watching. >> . >> jamie: hi, everyone, it was a shocker. now, shock waves are reverberating through washington and our entire nation today. and i bet overseas, too, after the stunning resignation of cia director and retired four-star general, david petraeus. i'm jamie colby, a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright, and president obama accepting petraeus's resignation yesterday after the cia director admitted to carrying on an extramarital affair and reports say he had a relationship with his biographer, paula broadwell.
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and many are expressing shock and sadness over his resignation and some are questioning the timing of this. because it comes days before he's supposed to speak to lawmakers about the deadly attack on the the u.s. consulate in libya. molly henneberg is live in washington with more details and molly, good afternoon to you. >> hi, jamie, the fbi came upon the affair and really by accident during a part of a bigger investigation of suspicious e-mails sent to general petraeus and perhaps others. now that he's stepped down, general petraeus will not testify this upcoming week at house and intelligence committee hearings investigating the benghazi libya attack and some republicans say that sounds a little close to suspicious. petraeus in charge of the cia since september 2011 has previously told lawmakers the attack was in response to an attack over an anti-muslim
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video and one g.o.p. lawmaker is talking about the timing of petraeus' departure. >> it comes days before he's set to testify before the house intelligence committee and it really begs the question he of what does the fbi know and when did they know it. how long did they sit on that information? i recall that general petraeus briefed the senate about what happened in benghazi. did he have this looming over his head? >> general petraeus, who has been married to his wife holly since 1974, called his extramarital affair, quote, unacceptable and said it showed quote, extremely poor judgment. president obama praised the retired four-star army general saying he had quote, provided extraordinary service to the united states for decades. and the key democrat in the senate, diane feinstein chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee lamented the loss of petraeus to the cia writing in a statement, quote, this is an
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enormous loss for our intelligence community and our country of the. i wish president obama had not accepted this resignation, but i understand and respect the decision. cia deputy director michael morelle will head the cia now until the president decides on another director. kelly and jamie. >> kelly: thank you very much. by the way, the fallout continues, we're learning details about the woman david petraeus allegedly had an affair with. paula broadwell previously was an army captain and recently promoted to lt. colonel in the army reserves, taught at west point, a research associate harvard university center for public leadership. in her early life val valedictorian of her high school and homecoming queen. and later with his cooperation she began a doctoral dissertation that included his
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leadership and that resulted in the book. >> there's another major story and it's getting national attention this hour and you won't be surprised because there's mounting anger over the pace of the recovery effort to hurricane super storm sandy. it has been 12 days since that super storm hit and as you can see there are hard hit places like long beach, new york, still looking very much like disaster areas and that has prompted some angry protests today outside one power company, by the folks who say they feel completely abandoned by the government. listen. >> because we cannot live like this. we can't, we can't. >> i'm disgusted with them. i think that they should have to-- >> it's not anger now, now it's like broken people. people are being broken. it's horrible when you walk down the street and you say hello to someone you don't know and you smile and they're like thank god. there is anger and people are getting broken and disenfranchised and it will
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turn into anger and you don't want to do that. >> jamie: anger and so much sadness. peter doocy joining us live from washington. i've been out there, peter, it's just tragic. >> it is tragic, jamie, about 3% of new jersey and 2% of the whole state of new york are still without power today and government officials, especially in the empire state are starting to point fingers at the long island power authority. lipa. saying they did not do a good job getting ready for a storm they knew was coming. >> i believe they were unprepared. i believe the system is archaic and is obsolete in many ways. so, no, i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. i believe part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and part of it is the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> the long island authority lipa is a government owned
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utility who apparently asked for 700 workers to help them restore power when they needed close to 10,000, they've got a company called national grid out there. helping them turn the juice on and national grid said they think they're doing quite well. >> we are progressing very well, based on the unprecedented damage on the storm. >> i am very comfortable with how we've performed on the restoration and we're going to learn a lot of it, and bring the lessons and continue to do better. >> republican congressman peter king is calling on president obama to step up and help some more. he wrote a letter that says, i urge you to personally intervene, to ensure that all appropriate federal assets and authorities are fully deployed to the impacted region, democratic congressman from long island, steve israel has asked andrew cuomo to stall james lee witt as the temporary lipa boss because mr. witt helped to straighten
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things out for katrina and folks on long island need results. back to you. >> jamie: you know who one of the people on long island is that actually lost power until recently is congressman peter king and he's going to join us, actually to tell us. you're right, he's fed up. >> reporter: he knows what he's talking about. he's living it. >> jamie: absolutely, and so hard here, peter. thanks for your report, keep us posted. >> reporter: will do. >> kelly: it has been hard here, drivers in parts of new york and new jersey are dealing with gas rationing. in new york city and on long island, odd-even rationing started just yesterday. the storm knocked out power to hundreds of gas stations resulting in long lines at the pump and over in new jersey, the governor is considering lifting the gas rationing now, a dozen counties have been under odd-even rationing for a week already. >> thousands of evacuees also in new jersey are calling a
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tent city home. something you wouldn't expect to see in our country. but the storm's victims as well as utility and rescue workers and military and volunteers even they are seeking shelter in the make ship neighborhoods and i don't have to tell you it's bitter cold and some are set up at a race track parking lot and evacuees complaining about sleeping in the cold tents, lack of bathroom facilities and limited shower areas, more than 100,000 people in new jersey are still without power and offered the government a prison for folks to move in with their families and all of this after sandy ripped up the shore. shore. >> and now to the ongoing battle in washington over the biggest fiscal crisis visiting our nation so far. and while president obama and house speaker boehner say they're willing to compromise they seem to have drawn the line at the issue of raising
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taxes. >> if we're serious about reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and means asking the wealthiest americans to pay more in taxes how we did it when bill clinton was president and the only way we can afford to invest in job training and manufacturing. all the ingredients of a strong middle class and a strong economy. some said despite the risk we should let our nation's economy go off part of the fiscal cliff in january allowing the top two rates to rise and they believe that doing that will generate more revenue for the federal government. here is the problem with that, raising those rates on january 1st would, according to the independent firm, ernst & young, destroy 700,000 american jobs. >> kelly: all right. angela mcglowan is a political analyst and joining us today, ladies, what we can see right now, there has to be some compromise, but washington is once again finding itself in a mood of saying let's make a deal.
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is there a deal to be made here? will we find compromise? angela. >> there is a deal to be made here and the american people have spoken. even though they elected president obama for four more years they elected the same congress and the congressional approval rating is about at 10%. what both parties need to do is stop the partisan politics and go together and not leave the negotiating table until a deal is done. and working in washington d.c. as long as i have, kelly, it's all about compromise. boehner needs to get his party in line. they do have a divided party in the republican party with the tea partiers, and then, harry reid and president obama they need to come together. >> kelly: selena, angela lays it on the line particularly about the republicans dividing themselv themselves because of the tea party. can the prison hope to bri--
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the president hope to bring them table. >> it's not the president's responsibility to bring the republicans out there. >> kelly: he almost has to an olive branch? >> he's passed a bill maintaining the tax cuts on those who make under $250,000 and it's on speaker john boehner at this point to simply pass the senate bill and if nothing is done it's on speaker john boehner not on the president, whether or not the tax cuts expire on january 1. >> but at the end of the day, it will be the american people that are hurt. yes, there is a bill in the senate, and yes, boehner could pass it, but he says that he does not want to raise taxes and the congressional budget office says, kelly, if we do what the republicans want us to do it will increase economic growth by 1.5%. if we do what president obama wants us to do and what she just mentioned, it would raise economic growth by 1.25%, so it's more than just tax cuts, it's more than just tax increases, we have to actually
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reform entitlement programs. there's a lot that needs to be done before january 1st. >> kelly: what say you about this? is angela right, 1.5%, i understand it could be as high as 1.7% if they find agreement. >> number one thing we need to focus on, while the country elected the same congress and everyone is taking their old positions, democrats have new leverage and they have the power in this negotiation to simply let us go off the cliff which really isn't a cliff, it's more like a slope and any, any tax increases would be gradual and they wouldn't really effect ordinary americans in the dramatic way that the republicans want you to think. and so, after january 1, even if the democrats do not shift at all and allow the tax increases to go into effect, they can then go back to congress and say, let's pass a tax cut for people making under $250,000, and that is, you know, how can republicans
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be against a tax-- >> we can't blame the republicans on this. listen, american people, they want leadership and if the congress does nothing, and the bush tax cuts expire, that's why it is a fiscal cliff, it's not a slope. people, lose jobs and even if they go back to the congress and fix it after the the damage is done, the damage has already been done and going back to the stock market as well. >> kelly: ladies, really, the damage that could be done, should this fiscal cliff be passed, or actually if we fall into it, is $2,000 on everybody's head and shoulders in terms of tax increases, and perhaps more for those who are -- who can't afford to do that. so, when you look at this, it's desperate times right now. congress has to step up and do something, the president has to find a way of leading congress, all members of congress, republican and democrats, to the table and they have to find some compromise. if they don't do that, what do we stand to lose?
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>> compromise requires both sides making concessions. the president and the senate have put forth a proposal and republicans need to make concessions and come to an agreement. it's not all on the president all the time. he just won an election, he has the local capital so it's up to john boehner-- >> it hasn't been on the president-- >> we're going to have to leave it there. you get the last word and a lot of work ahead for the president, as well as the members of congress. thank you very much, ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: he's already served his country and now he's looking for a political career. the next generation of the bush family preparing to make a mark in politics. we are going to tell you about it coming up. >> kelly: plus, president obama's reelection means the health care law is here to stay. how this will impact the dozens of companies already threatening massive layoffs. >> jamie: huge numbers as well. the fallout from general david petraeus's bombshell
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resignation from the cia. what does it mean for our national security. coming up, congressman peter king is here with his take. what it means for the hearings on libya and the cia ahead. . >> there's no way we can get to the bottom of benghazi without david petraeus. [ abdul-rashid ] i've been working since i was about 16. you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪
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>> welcome back, everybody. a quick check of the headlines. not good news for many employees, because more companies are now saying they will plan layoffs now that the president's health care law is becoming reality. many employers say they just cannot afford new or higher tax rates. and george prescott push, nephew of former president george w. bush making a campaign filing in texas. the report does not specific what office he'll seek. >> and the statue of liberty once again illuminated after super storm sandy, thanks to donation services and equipment. liberty island among 70 national parks that suffered significant damage just like home owners from the storm. >> from the forecast for hurricane sandy was made the convoy of hope started rolling
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its trucks to prepare for a response. because of that, they were ready to move in to hard-hit areas providing much needed food, water and supplies and to give people a chance to start rebuilding their dreams. >> hurricane sandy destroyed homes and property, caused loss of life, and shattered the dreams of millions of people living in the storm's path. for some, their spirits are lifted by complete strangers, who have come from other parts of the country, just to help. these volunteers from churches and convoy of hope have been working around the clock for 12 days to distribute food, water and supply and convoy of hope sent trucks into the region as soon as sandy's strong winds departed. >> kelly: now, what do you do to help people find restoration and hope? because they've been devastated, a lot of of them in despair, no power, it's cold outside, snow, water
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damage, flooding? it's tough. >> it really is and there really isn't anything that you can say to them that makes it all better. but, what you can do, you can listen and you can talk and you just, you spend time with them. it's not uncommon as people come through the line to receive food that people will stop and pray with them or they'll stop and talk with them and chat and just knowing that somebody cares, that somebody understands, a lot of times gives people hope to get through until tomorrow. >> kelly: there are convoy of hopes trucks in new jersey, staten island, and we caught with them at ps 38 school on long island hard at work providing bags of food to school children. >> oh. >> kelly: because of the storm, more than 80% of the students are displaced from their homes. and now, living with their parents in shelters, or the homes of neighbors. the storm may have destroyed their property, but it has brought communities closer together. convoy of hope is also connecting people to local
1:22 pm
churches and government organizations, that can help them over the long-term. >> the effects of sandy are still very evident. the power of the storm pushing this truck over on its side. something you never really see. or cars, sitting on a wall. all of this pushed by the force of nature, the atlantic ocean, from staten island. one thing you do not see is the lingering impact it will have on the community and why it's so important to see volunteer groups or faith-based groups coming in to provide a road or a journey to hope. >> as the day goes by we need stuff, water and supplies, so-- >> does this inspire you and gives you hope? >> absolutely. >> it makes you feel that, you know, overwhelming, people coming out and into the neighborhoods, also. >> how are you doing with your home? >> good, it's just once we get back in and he get the electric and gas and get back normal again, but i have a
1:23 pm
family around the corner and it's been nice, i didn't know that well, so, that's really nice. >> for the students of ps-38 the efforts of convoy of hope and other faith-based organizations will not be forgotten. their families are truth grateful to receive help from people who care enough to help them on their road to recovery beyond a dpreream. >> kelly: and the staten island principal told us some of the students were plucked off the roof tops when sandy came ashore from staten island. so much from convoy of hope. >> jamie: not the first time we've seen them in action, there when you need them. fallout from the resignation from david petraeus. we've learned he will not take part in upcoming talks with lawmakers involving the attack on our u.s. consulate in benghazi. what will it mean for the investigation? we'll ask peter king live coming up. >> kelly: and frustration grows in the aftermath of
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hurricane sandy as well. we check in with one storm victim who says the government is in disarray. . >> and they hang up on you and don't answer it and i called lipa, can't do anything for you need to get an inspector. can't get an inspector. and this is the worst in my life. it's horrible! plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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>> let's get back to the top story now, david petraeus is one of the most decorated generals of our generation and he was meeting the cia. but suddenly resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair. reports say the other woman was his biographer, paula broadwell. so far she hasn't responded to messages asking for comment and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed regret about petraeus's resignation and, but some are questioning the timing of it, right after the election. petraeus was supposed to speak
1:29 pm
to lawmakers next week about the deadly assaults on the u.s. consulate in libya, instead lawmakers we will ear hear from acting cia director mike morelle. my next guest argues na petraeus is still a quote, absolutely necessary witness. a republican and chairman of the house homeland security committee, congressman welcome. >> thank you, jamie, thank you very much. >> jamie: you've said also, without general petraeus doing what he's doing either at the cia or someplace else, the nation is not as safe. will he testify in some capacity? >> jamie, i think he has to. now, i'm a member of that committee and mike rogers is the chairman of the intelligence committee, but i strongly believe that general petraeus has to testify, if not this week, the following week or sometime very soon. it's not the cia director that has to testify, it's the person who was involved at the time of benghazi and that was david petraeus. mike morelle was the number two man, but the person who
1:30 pm
came and briefed congress, the man involved in it, both before benghazi, during benghazi and after benghazi, and who was -- stated this was not a terrorist attack, it was a spontaneous demonstration caused by the video, that was general petraeus and to find out how to reach that conclusion when his people on the ground were saying it was a terrorist attack, was there influence by the white house, and who was he in tact with, and susan rice-- >> what about that, what do you think he knows specifically and do you think he's the one that provided the information where susan rice went out and told everybody, no, no, video, it's due to a video? >> well, general-- a general took a hit for that, and no way he'd take that hit for that, and general petraeus was part of that process. i have respect for him.
1:31 pm
great american hero and patriot and his testimony is essential, he could say i wasn't at that meeting only petraeus would have known exactly what happened at that time. >> jamie: there's many, congressman king, who agree with you, that general petraeus is essential to getting answers on what happened to four americans who were killed and why. and so, the question is, the timing. and they knew about his extramarital affair, it would appear before the election, we didn't learn about it until after, he didn't resign until after. is there more to this? >> jamie, i can't accept this whole story, first of all, when did the investigation begin? and if the fbi is surveilling the head of the cia, and judge sign an order allowing that and what was there for six months that warranted it being extended so long, if it's not criminal what right do they have to be doing it, if they were, that serious, wouldn't the director of the fbi told the president of the united
1:32 pm
states his own cia director might be compromised. i can't believe no one knew about it the white house or president himself and also when did general petraeus find out about it, did he find out prior to when he came before congress on september 14th, would that have been hanging over his head? all the issues out interest and i don't think they've been answered at all. how the investigation began, when it began, when petraeus found out about it, when the president found out about it. >> jamie: when did you find out about it? why wouldn't you know? you're the head of the homeland security committee for the house of representatives? >> well, i wasn't told, even more importantly, the chairman of the intelligence committee supposed to be told by the fbi, whenever something like this occurs, my understanding is that neither he nor the top democrat were told about it and the fbi i think is saying, well, this really wasn't, didn't involve intelligence and terrorists, why it didn't why were they investigating him for, no evidence early on. >> jamie: you don't know what-- >> still don't know, absolutely not. we don't know. >> jamie: here is the the thing, as great a patriot and general and led many through many conflicts and had great
1:33 pm
success in the military, the cia has a certain level of integrity that has to exist. is an extramarital affair enough to warrant a resignation? should the president, as diane feinstein, who will be actually on fox news sunday tomorrow talking about this exclusively, should the president have not accepted his resignation? >> jamie, i think we've dwan too far as far as being holier than thousand thou. if we'd addressed this to general eisenhower, general patten, franklin roosevelt before that, to me if that's all it was was this one matter and it was known, to me, no, he should not have been forced out. i think we're being to sanctimonious who we allow to serve and not serve, and get the best person in there. no harm, no foul. if it's a matter within the family let them resolve it, i don't think na general petraeus or others should be forced out because of issues like this, not unless you can show a compromise of national
1:34 pm
security. >> jamie: right, and the question still exists if that was the reason why he was, as you put it, pushed out. i know you'll search for answers on your committee. another question close to your heart. live out on long island, you represent a number of constituents in your district, in exactly the same position as you. i think it's so interesting to see someone who is a leader, and a congressman, who people rely on, who then becomes a constituent in the sense that you lost your power until very recently. what is going on with the long island power authority or lipa? here is my feeling, tell me if i'm wrong. the army corps of engineers who you called to come in can light up kabul, light up baghdad and we can't light up long island. >> i've called the army corps to come in, lipa has done a horrible job. the fact now it's almost two weeks after the storm, still
1:35 pm
over 100,000 customers deprived of power and not given any indication with when they're going to get the power back, it's disorganized, confused, arrogant and the real issue, i know people with young children with bronchial conditions, and seniors in homes with respiratory issue and can you give me an estimate when i'm going to get the power back, if not, they can take their senior citizen or kids somewhere else. the fact is they get no response from lipa and when we get responses and my office gets information and beg them, demand to get it from lipa, the next day they say it's now changed and it was the wrong information they gave initially. this is the most fouled up operation i've seen or heard of, that's why i believe we need much more federal input and once it's over, lipa restructured and new people in charge and new authority. because right now unresponsive to anyone. >> jamie: interesting, a picture can tell a thousand word, to the fema office, we're closed due to weather
1:36 pm
when we have the second storm, unbelievable and i know you're trying to get answers for the people you represent. thanks for joining us, congressman, always good to see you. >> jamie, good to see you, jamie, thank you very much. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: as we merred from jamie and congressman peter king, with so many still without power, many say they feel they've been forgotten by the government. and the government should be helping them. so, they're now turning to each other for help, especially in some of the hardest hit areas like staten island, and that's where we find our own anna kooiman live right now to bring us more details. anna, i was out there yesterday and saw a lot of good work being done by a lot of good people, but still so much to be done. >> reporter: yeah, but now what, kelly, this is a true sign of progress being made. we're at one of six dumping stations here in staten island and we've been watching the debris pile up for some two weeks now and crews have been slowed down by the nor'easter that hit. and certainly an active site.
1:37 pm
volunteers, hundreds piled into buses at city hall this morning and they had their own shovels and tools in hand and they came out to help their fellow neighbors affected by super storm sandy and sorting donated goods, house to house checking up on residents and plugging the holes critics say have not been filled by the federal government. of. >> a lot of people here feel desperate. it's been two weeks, do you feel there's anything you could have been better. >> and i'm going to save critique done for later, focus on what i'm going to get done today, tomorrow, the next couple of weeks. >> new york fema says they've been on the ground since before sandy hit. 2000 people strong, 1200 workers walking streets, giving out information, to register for disaster assistance we want to put the number up. accumulate fema, 1-800-621-3362. there are some 26 disaster recovery centers or drc's and more are coming, food, water, blankets and information. 162,000 applications have come
1:38 pm
in and some 276 million dollars already in the hands of new yorkers, according to fema. gas rationing and police monitoring pumps in new york seems to be helping somewhat with the hours long line and the odd-even license plate calendar dates was put into place yesterday. homeland security secretary, janet napolitano plans to tour the areas and meet with representatives from different agencies tomorrow and president barack obama plans to be in the area on thursday. back to you. >> kelly: all right. anna kooiman reporting live from staten island, a lot of recovery is going on. thanks, anna. some veteran injured in service to our country, getting the ultimate experience, inside the annual wounded warrior sky dive. that's coming up next. . >> i got out of the hospital, i didn't think i would walk right again. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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>> well, we can't do enough for our american heroes and some are taking to the skies for a taste of freedom. and sky dive is offering free jumps to wounded warriors ahead of veterans day. matthew lost part of his leg in 2005 and says the excitement of the annual sky dive keeps him coming back. >> at first, it was kind of like, oh, i can't really believe you jumped out of an airplane, but after that, it was oh, my god, it was awesome. and get that rush, and skydiving is freeing yourself, you don't think about anything else, you're just up there in the sky, it's beautiful out there and you forget about your injuries and you just have a good time. >> jamie: wow, that's awesome. and a shout out to the company making it possible. and 20 wounded wearors making a leap today to the cheers of dozens of supporters, including all of us here.
1:44 pm
kelly. >> kelly: well, a shout out to all the troops, too, i can't resist that, a shout out to the veterans out there. days after superstorm sandy slammed the northeast, there was a thought that all of those impacted would get the help they needed. fema said it was dispatching thousands of aid workers and the red cross reportedly collected more than 100 million dollars in donations. yet, 12 days later, many of those who live through the storm say, well, they're still waiting for the real recovery to begin. earnest is one of the survivors. and he joins us live on the phone right now from jersey city and i understand for a while you were without power and how many days was it? because i understand now that you have power, things are looking a little better for you. >> yeah, nine days. >> kelly: nine days without power. >> nine days without power and no connecttivity of any type and no communication from government officials. >> kelly: well, when you say that, what do you mean, sir? because i know that fema and
1:45 pm
red cross has been on the ground. you didn't see them, they didn't get to you or knock on your door? >> fema said to go online, if you have no power, it's mighty difficult to go online. our red cross had several numbers and all them when you called them said out of range. so, i was in jersey city and there was virtually no communication from government. i just had a meeting with the mayor of jersey city and the councilmen and they said, oh, yeah, mistakes were made. but i expressed to them the mistake was lack of communication and they gave me a detailed reason for everything that was missing and no one could explain why there was no communication with the citizens. >> kelly: and what about your neighbors? i mean, has their power been restored and what have they said. >> all power was restored after nine days. >> kelly: all right. >> and during that time we had no help from anyone, most of
1:46 pm
the phone lines were down, our cell phones were down, for those of us who were able to get cell phones, i called the jersey city's mayor's action office to get food at 7:30 in the morning. at 4:30 ne brought me a dry bagel, a small orange and a half of pint of milk for three people. trust me-- >> you're saying that they didn't bring you-- they brought you a bagel? you know, i have to ask you, i find it hard to believe because so many people have been out there trying to help. even risking harm's way to get to people in lead. >> i am in no way, shape, nor form ever going to disparage anyone that volunteers or the firemen or the first responders, they are heroes. what i'm talking about is those of us in the community that needed help, we saw no red cross trucks, we saw no fema trucks, we saw no police, fire, anything, they were -- there was absolutely no aid to
1:47 pm
the citizens at least in my community. >> kelly: and what do you see now? now that you have power restored, there had to be someone standing out there, at least get power restored? >> we saw a half a block from our house and i took extensive photos of it, two poles you down and two trees down, and stayed for eight days and the poles stayed for eight days and every time, all day, 24 hours a day, there was pse and g truck with a gentleman either sleeping or sitting in it and when i asked when are they going to restore our power, he said i have no idea. when i called the city, the mayor's office they said they had no idea. anyone that i was able to speak to had no clue, no idea, and basically it was like being in haiti or a third world country. there was no communication at all. >> kelly: but you have power now, right. >> yes, we do have power now. >> kelly: and you're getting food and supplies sent in? >> we, we are shopping and taking care of ourselves, i
1:48 pm
got no no aid from anyone, we're aiding ourselves. and the sad part, i believe, half to a quarter million people in the tri state area without power who's homes are damaged. >> kelly: all right. >> you know about. >> kelly: and earnest, we thank you and we've been out there and we understand what you're going through and we wish you all the best, we know-- >> my question is what's going to happen next time. >> kelly: sir, i'm sure next time they're going to try to be getting to you as well. thank you. >> jamie: we can only help, hearing his story sends out the message, enough wasn't done particularly in the area where you can get access as you and i did. >> kelly: we know that people based on hearing the story will get out there if they haven't. >> jamie: our viewers most generous, also. and also, new hope for cancer patients, a certain type of drug can lower your risk of dying and you may also be taking it. the potential life saving details from the medical aid
1:49 pm
team. and they are the few, the proud, they are the marines and celebrating a milestone with the united states marine corps. >> kelly: semper fi. >> jamie: great guys.
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>> for the the past 237 years, the u.s. marine corps have been protect being america and interests abroad. "fox & friends" honoring a distinguished group of marines for their service, this morning, including one veteran who survived the battle of iwo jima in 1945. on behalf of all of us here the at fox news, happy birthday, marines. semper fi. ♪ >> that was a real treat this morning. and here is great news for you, too. it's hope for cancer patients. there's some brand new research that finds that if you take cholesterol lower statins it could lower your risk of death from cancer. dr. david somadi, a member of the medical a-team as you know. doctor, this is very significant because millions of americans are on statins and this is a pretty legit
1:54 pm
study. >> yes, this is actually a good landmark study coming from denmark, jamie published this week. and everything that we're bringing to you is the latest news, from the new england journal of medicine and looked at over 300,000 patients, which is a great one. mind you, it's still observational study, but we're learning a lot from this study. what they are seeing is, they followed patients for about 12 years, and the ones that were taking staten, cholesterol lower medications, they are, they have a chance of 15% lower chance of dying from their cancers. >> jamie: 15. >> 15%. >> jamie: so you may still get cancer, but you may have a better chance of surviving it. >> this is among the cancer patients who were on cholesterol lower medications, they had 15% lower chance of death which is quite significant. now, they don't know what exactly the mechanism is, whether it's-- has to do with directed to the lower the cholesterol or some sort of protein in the cell, that would prevent the cells from migrating or
1:55 pm
metastasizing, we don't know yet. so the question that comes up, if you have cancer should you be taking this medication, should you be talking to your doctor and ask to take the statins? we're not quite there yet. we're learning the physiology about it. i don't think if you should cancer and watching this program you should see. it they have side effects and liver and muscle-- >> certain ones. >> statins have risked the lowered the recurrence of fatal cases. there's something there and adds to something of the archives of knowledge that we have in cancer studies. i think we should look into this, we need further studies to find out exactly what's going on. >> we're always looking for answers and i guess my take home, if you're on statins and concerned about taking statins, maybe a reason to take the medication, they do work, don't they. >> one of the most common
1:56 pm
medications in the country and billions of dollars and absolutely, they work. so this would be a good reason that if you have a borderline cholesterol and you happen to be a cancer survivor or cancer patient, taking medication, will hopefully reduce the rate of cancer. >> and help your heart. doctor, see you tomorrow for sunday house call, 10:30 a.m. and certainly remembering all of our vets tomorrow on veterans day, thanks so much. great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> kelly: good to see you again as always, thanks for the good advice. that does it for us right now. i'm kelly wright. thanks for joining us. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, thanks for watching and be at the tomb of the unknowns tomorrow, and you'll want to join us for our coverage. thank you for watching today. we appreciate what our vets and their families do. have a great day.
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